Stopping paused audio in return busses

In a game I recently worked on the pause menu was designed to be completely silent and thus we simply used setPaused for the master bus to pause all the ingame sounds. If the player then decides not to return to the game and instead clicks “load checkpoint” or “return to main menu” etc., we killed the ingame audio using stopAllEvents for the master bus and after that unpaused the bus.

This all seemed to work fine and dandy, EXCEPT for the fact that anything that had been sent to return busses (containing delay and reverb in this case) when the game was paused still resumed playing itself out once the master bus was unpaused.

Fortunately, it was not a hugely noticable issue in most cases (due to very moderate use of those bus effects) and the game actually shipped with this bug still in place because the problem only came up at the very last moment.

However, I would like to know how to avoid this issue in the new project I am just now starting with. Retrospectively, should we have applied some sort of separate commands to clean up the return busses as well? Or was the approach to this feature wrong overall? The game was made with Unity in case that matters here at all.

Thanks for any advice,