StudioListener can't hear anything beyond default distance, even with overrides?

I’m working with an RTS camera, so it’s 75 units in the Y axis, above the ground. I want to make my sounds audible to this, so I’ve increased their distance. I can’t get anything to register beyond a really small area, which seems to be the same size as the default size before I started editing values.

I have an FMODStudioListener on a cube, it follows my camera. The attenuation object is the cube, if it’s near my camera I can’t hear anything, but if I move it to the ground and place my object on the ground, I can hear it.

Any ideas?

  • Max distance set to 10k didn’t work.
  • I verified that I can hear sounds near the cube in different areas of the world, so my OneShot worldPos is updating correctly too.


I enabled Live Link and toggled the override distance from 10k to default of 1-20 and there’s no difference. Below is my one shot code.

AudioManager.Instance.PlayOneShot(FMODEvents.Instance.pheromoneCollectPlaced, currentPheromoneCached.transform.position);


Unfortunately, I haven’t been unable to reproduce the behavior you’re observing. What version of FMOD Studio and FMOD Unity are you using? Have you adjusted any other settings on the Spatializer effect that you presumably have on the event?

I ended up using the event macros, I think for my the override distance wasn’t working