Suggestion: Looping action sequence / conditional jumps

Consecutive Actions could be a great solution to some use cases where you need to sequence different categories of sound after one another, and they’re at different lengths, yet have randomization.


  • Breathing - going between randomly varied inhalations and exhalations
  • Music - a 15 second delay between randomly picked music washes that have different lengths

… however there isn’t a way to make an action loop itself. Would a “jump action” be a feasible new feature? (jump to action A). They would be especially powerful if you could give them conditions. For example the breathing, you could jump from a peaceful breathing sequence to winded / stressed breathing sequence based on a stamina parameter. And even if the inhalation and exhalation wavs were of different lengths, they would gaplessly sequence one after another.

This kind of arrangement could be done on a timeline with transitions, but randomizing the destinations, or playing random variations that have different lengths but should sequence by length would be complicated to implement.

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The ability to loop consecutive action sheets is an interesting idea, as is the ability to place conditional jumps in a sequential playlist. I’ll add both of these suggestions to our feature/improvement tracker.