Support for UE 5.0.0 full release


when will be support for UE5.0.0 full release available?



We will support the full release of Unreal 5.0 in our next version which will be 2.02.07. It should be ready in a few weeks.


Looking forward to the release! Is there an ETA for the 2.02.07?

Thank you.

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Note for people hesitant to upgrade their engine, I upgraded my project to UE5 (and made backups, setup source control again, etc…) and didn’t have much trouble getting stuff to work.

Building banks, editing events, parameters and the c++ code work as expected, and I haven’t had any significant issues. However, I have only been working on it for a couple of days so something bizarre might destroy my project after a while.

Hoping to have it ready within the next couple of weeks.


Hello! I just wanted to follow up on this. Our project is waiting for this release to start testing upgrading it to UE5. Cheers!

Andrés V.


I am also looking for a follow up on this! I’m the lead game designer on a project that is entirely based around music and audio. We are currently using UE5 EA which for the most part is stable, but there are a few key features with environment design that are proving difficult that have been resolved in the full release version of UE5. Once Fmod updates to the full release version we’ll be moving the project over to that and sticking with it for the rest of development.

Really looking forward to the next Fmod update! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hoping to have it ready in a week or two.


I am also excited and eagerly awaiting support for Unreal 5.0.

I have a ton of car engine sounds made and ready for import