UE5.1 Preview 2 Branch


Just wanted to ask what is the latest supported version on UE5? Our current project is on UE5.03 but we may need to change to UE5.1 Preview 2 branch. Do you know of any compatibility issues with the latest preview branch of UE5.1?


Incidentally, FMOD works fine with our current version of the engine.


The latest official support version is the current one listed on our Downloads Page, which is currently UE 5.00, but we do create integrations for the preview versions of Unreal. They can be found here: GitHub - fmod/fmod-for-unreal at 2.02-UE5.01. It is suggested to also recompile the integration yourself which is explained under Unreal Integration | Compiling the Plugin. If you experience any unexpected behavior please let us know!

Great thanks for the heads up, I will let you know how things go, cheers

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Incidentally, everything is working as expected on UE 5.1, thanks

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Good to hear!