Switch platform on Unity

Hi, bit of a noob question there. I have a project that just used a desktop build and I wanna port it to mobile and desktop. How can I update the build on unity so it detects the 2 folders and the events keep working.
Thanks in advance


If you’re migrating from a Single Platform Build to a Multi Platform Build in Unity, all you’ll need to do is build banks for your mobile platform(s) alongside the Desktop banks. Then, in the FMOD settings in Unity, swap the source type to Multi Platform Build and set the build path to the folder where you built your banks to. If you’re using the FMOD Studio Project source type, and you’re building banks to the default directory, then the FMOD Unity integration will automatically detect the banks for the new platforms. In both cases, you’ll also want to add your new platform(s) to the Platform Specific settings in Unity.

Your existing Event References in Unity, as well as the GUIDs and paths of entities in your FMOD project, shouldn’t change while doing this, so your existing methods of interacting with FMOD in your game will still work. If you do run into any issues though, feel free to reply and I can help you resolve them.