Build a single bank,but a deleted event that assigned to another bank also can not be found in unity

My team has a requirement. For example, our release version game need add a event in BankA,at that time, BankB delete a event_c. I just build BankA, but I can’t found event_c in unity.
I tried another way, if BankB add a event, just build BankA, does not bring the new event into unity.
Why do these two differences occur?


What version of FMOD and Unity are you using?

Testing 2.02.17 I was not able to reproduce this behavior.

What import type are you using in the FMOD Settings:

How are you building the single bank?

Thanks for your reply, I did it by select a single bank and right click “Build”, looking at the build folder, it’s really just the bank and the master bank have changed. I am using FMOD2.00.04, Unity is 2018.4.32f1, I also try other version, the result is the same. I think is caused this, I use FMOD for Unity package print all event path , can’t find the path of event_c.


Unfortunately, we no longer support FMOD versions below 2.02. What were the other versions you were able to reproduce the issue with?

We have documentation for migrating major versions here: FMOD Studio | Advanced Topics - Mogration FMOD Studio Projects.

We also have a tool for migrating the Unity integration here: Unity Integration | Tools - Event Reference Updater