Delay in transition region to marker

When I move the parameter to “transition to marker” there is a 0.3-0.4 second delay before it goes to the marker.

Is this just my computers lack of processing power?

Will that delay still be there once the fmod build is in Unity?

I have all my assets with “stream” UNCHECKED

Maybe there’s a transition timeline in your transition region, causing that delay. There’s always a slight delay, but it’s more like 0.1 s, on my (old) computer.

hmm… i cant see any kind of transition timeline. Are you able to show me where that might be in the transition region settings?

If there’s one, you should see this little circle:

Ah great! Thanks Alciblade. I have seen those circles before, by double clicking. But then I CTRL Z to undo. Nice to know what that is for, although I dont think it was the issue. I think it was just a delay due to my (old) computer lol.