What does it mean to delete a "call"?

In the Karting tutorial, it says to delete all calls to “playsound”

What exactly does this mean?

Here is the script containing “playsound”

What do I delete? All of it?

void PlaySound(AudioClip sound)
    if (!sound)

    if (!m_AudioSource)
        m_AudioSource = gameObject.AddComponent<AudioSource>();
        m_AudioSource.outputAudioMixerGroup = AudioUtility.GetAudioGroup(AudioUtility.AudioGroups.HUDObjective);


This is the creation of the function PlaySound. A “call” would be any time this function is used in other parts of the Unity project. You need to do a search in all scripts for any time the PlaySound function is used and delete those lines. You should be able to do a search across the entire project in your preferred IDE.

Thanks RIchard :slight_smile: Got it