Click sound heard during start of programmer instrument and end?

I have a pretty basic FMOD Studio Event that uses a Programmer Instrument loaded at runtime. I hear clicks at the start and end of the programmer instrument sound’s playback.

I’ve seen notes about speed and audio setting but all of them seem to deal with the end of playback.

Here’s the event in studio

And here’s my code used to load to instrument:

I’ll admit I’m not a domain expert in FMOD so this could be stupid user trick.

Thanks in advance!


What version of the FMOD integration and Unity are you using?

Could you please collect a profiler capture while reproducing this issue in game, then package your profiler session including banks (ticking the “Banks” option when exporting), and upload it to your FMOD Profile?

Please note you need to have registered a project with us to be able to upload files.