Transceiver channels - checking references


Is there currently any way (2.01.16) to check if Transceiver channel is already used somewhere?
Like a reference viewer, but for Transceiver channels?
I’d like to avoid digging through all the project just to make sure or to write down what has been done before (not by me, so it would be even harder to know where it could be used).

If not, it would be cool to have a button “Show Transceiver Channel References/Usage…” in either RMB when clicking on transceiver or/and in Edit menu.

As of the time of writing (August of 2022), there is no way to search for transceiver effects set to a specific channel.

It is possible to search for events containing transceiver effects regardless of channel by using the query “#query:(TransceiverEffect)” in the events browser’s search bar. There is no easy way to search for transceiver effects on buses.

I can definitely see how this could be useful. I’ll add your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.