Transition timeline seems inaccurate and doesn't match transport

As in photo below, the transition timeline seems to be giving the wrong indicators for timing, and doesn’t match what the transport is saying. Expanding or shrinking the timeline doesn’t snap to the indicators on the timeline, but is actually snapping to the ‘correct’ divisions relative to the transport.

This isn’t happening in any other events, and the only major difference is that the tempo is pretty fast in this one (crotchet (quarter note) is 260)

How many tempo markers are present in the event? I ask because it looks like the transition timeline is using a different tempo to the main timeline. That should only happen if different sections of the main timeline use different tempos, which only occurs if there are multiple different tempo markers in the event. Are all the tempo markers set to the same tempo? (Remember that a marker might be hidden behind another marker; drag other markers up and down to check beneath them.)

Ah that’ll be it then. There’s a 130 at the start and the 260 comes a few bars later. From a quick test it seems that the transition timeline uses the first tempo marker in an event as a timebase, regardless of any later tempo changes?

Once I realised this was the behaviour I could work around it but there was a hair-pulling half hour where I couldn’t figure out why things were going out of sync even though the timelines visually appeared to be correct.

Are there any plans for this behaviour to change in future?

This is actually a bug! The tempo of a transition timeline is supposed to be based on the tempo at the source of the transition timeline, i.e.: the transition marker or transition region to which the transition timeline is attached. I’ll investigate to determine when this issue was introduced and add it to our bug tracker. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

We plan to fix the bug, naturally. Until then, I’m afraid you’ll have to continue working around this issue.