UE5.1 : Failed to find script package for import object 'Package /Script/FMODStudio'

Hi there!
I have a massive problem.
I’m making an alternative version of my game, that is supposed to be played live.
I’m using Fmod on my original project, then I copied the original and made another UE5.1 project and then removed FMOD, but well, not enough…

Everything was fine, before I had a bug with a struct that made my project crash at startup. I fixed this but now I have another problem: I cant open my map anymore!
There seems to be a component remaining in on of the map actor that causes the problem.

So when I try to open this component bam, crash.

Here is the log when I try to open the component:

[2023.02.20-17.01.54:308][658]LogLinker: Warning: [AssetLog] C:\Users\Tomavatars\Documents\Game Work\SquarePaperConcert\Content\SquarePaperCity\Core\BlueprintComponents\BP_Master_Comp.uasset: VerifyImport: Failed to find script package for import object 'Package /Script/FMODStudio'

And the one when trying to open the map:

[2023.02.20-17.11.28:498][346]LogStreaming: Error: Couldn't find file for package /Script/FMODStudio requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Script/FMODStudio

Please help me fix my project :sob:

Unfortunately, I can’t really offer an easy solution besides manually removing the offending components - if crashes are getting in the way, I would recommend reinstalling the FMOD Unreal integration to stop them while you do so.

If this would be inconvenient (i.e. due to the amount of components used), and a band-aid workaround is alright for your purposes, then you could simply leave the FMOD Unreal integration running, and mute the master bus to stop audio outputting. However, this won’t work if you’re planning to build to PS5, XBOX or iOS, as Unreal Audio and FMOD cannot run concurrently on those platforms.