Unable to activate Windows Store app?

I’m attempting to add fmod to an OpenGLES 2 Application that is included with Visual Studio 2015. I have added fmodL_X86.lib to my Additional Dependencies, and fmodL_X86.dll is marked as content. I updated Package.appxmanifest’s Capabilities to include Internet (Client), Internet (Client & Server), Microphone, and Private Networks (Client and Server).
To simplify testing, I’m working in debug x86 (although I get the same problems if I link against the arm/x64 libs+dlls and attempt to run those) and only added a couple lines of code on Initialize:
FMOD::System *system;
FMOD_RESULT result = FMOD::System_Create( &system );

Everything seems to statically link just fine, but when launching the app, I get the following error:
Unable to activate Windows Store app ‘84eb1360-ccf0-475a-bd25-a953e20e6ff6_40qvqfczahf76!App’. The FModTest.WindowsUniversal.Application.exe process started, but the activation request failed with error ‘The app didn’t start’.

I’m attempting to duplicate everything I see in the UWP examples (as they run just fine).

Did I miss any steps required to setup fmod in UWP?


You can get more information about UWP apps failing to start by looking in the Windows Event Viewer, under Windows Logs/Application.

Make sure your app has Microsoft.VCLibs as a reference.

When running apps under the debugger the package contents will be set up as a loose directory in your projects output folder. You can browse the folder to make sure the DLL has been copied and is in the root folder.

Thanks Nicholas.

It seems that it was copying the DLLs into a subfolder. Moving the DLLs to the root of the project gets everything working!