UWP - Fails WACK due to AppContainerTest

Hello! I am trying to publish a C# UWP game for Windows Store, but it fails the AppContainerCheck.

File fmod.dll has failed the AppContainerCheck check.
File fmod64.dll has failed the AppContainerCheck check.

It says to add the linker flag /APPCONTAINER, however there’s no linker options for a C# UWP app. I’ve tried extensive searching and had no luck finding a solution, yet I am using the UWP DLL’s I’m pretty sure. Is there an option in the .csproj I need to add?

The UWP libs we ship with the API are named: fmod_X86 and fmod_X64.
If you are using the standard windows libs from the Windows API it won’t work, there is a separate download for UWP.

I did download the separate UWP version, yet I still have this issue.

I will have to do some testing and get back to you.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue, although I did get a similar error for some different libs. This was resolved by enabling the ‘Compile with .NET Native tool chain’ solution property.

Are you able to reproduce this in a bare app that you would be able to share with us?