Unable to create EventInstances with C# wrapper

I’m trying to get a simple C# program working using the C# wrapper and the sample FMOD Studio project.

The problems I’m running into are:

  1. I’m unable to get the path of an EventDescription retrieved from FMOD.Studio.Bank using getPath. The error is ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND.
  2. I’m unable to create an instance from an EventDescriptor, this also causes the error ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND


I also have a few comments about the SDK itself:

  1. You should use the standard System.Guid class in the .Net framework.
  2. The System classes should be renamed to FmodSystem and FmodStudioSystem to avoid namespace collision with the standard namespace System.
  3. Dynamically load the correct dll (32 bit or 64 bit) - http://stackoverflow.com/a/10398343/62857

The problem was that I did not load the master bank and the master bank.strings.