Unable to use Sync Latest, Merge & Commit (using Plastic SCM)


On last step of Sync & Commit, after pressing Submit button, this Error message pops up. Dose any one know what can cause this error?


What version of FMOD and Unreal are you using?

Hi Connor!

I’m using:

  • fmod 2.02.12
  • ue4 4.27.2 custom build
  • plastic


Thank you for the information.

Could I also see how you have your Source Control set up in FMOD Studio under Edit -> Preferences -> Source Control

Hi, here you go

Thank you for sharing that.

Was the function you were trying to perform involve anything the error is saying? e.g. accessing files outside the workspace?

I did a simple Sync & Commit of an event and I did not experience the issue. Could you provide some reproduction steps that reliably cause the error?