Error when commiting changes to control version. Using P4V (Perforce) and Unity

Hi there,

I’ve been getting these issues when trying to commit changes to our current project.

{{0c7db16a-46b3-4731-a9d8-2b16b1c41d40}}.xml - file(s) not opened on this client

This is the error, the letters and numbers inside {} vary throughout the errors. I’ve been trying to commit 4 audio files and I get the error 4 times, which probably means they are related. Nevertheless I managed to commit other files yesterday, which makes me believe someone might be holding something on another workstation.

The audio assets were not imported from a file inside the Perforce folder, I don’t know if this might be an issue.

If you need more information from me let me know! Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction

I think I’ve solved this issue.

By going into Unity and submitting my Version Control changes, the ones in FMOD get updated. So that should do it.

Leaving this up in case someone else needs this information in the future!