Unity cant find plug ins?

Hi all, sorry newbee question but I’m having some trouble with getting unity to find the le sound weather plug in that’s being used in my fmod project, its only to gain parametric control for the rain intensity. I keep getting these errors? the plug ins are installed fine it seems but unity keeps saying it cant load the bank etc ?

could anyone explain what I’m doing wrong please?

The LeSound plugins that come with FMOD Studio installations are trials only. Their limitation is that they only work in the FMOD Studio project and cannot be run in a game. If you have purchased a LeSound license they should provide you with a working dll that can be run by Unity.

Ok many thanks mate! I’ve resolved it now and ended up just re sampling scenes from it, such a shame fmod doesn’t have a noise generator, could used for so many things let alone to create generative sonics for weather, it has the rest of the fx chain there already. It would give so much more control and save so much space compared to the use of so many samples.