Trouble loading banks

Hi all.
I did some weird configuration stuff with FMOD that I’m wanting to undo, but now I keep having one or other of several issues loading banks. I’ve gone as far as deleting my fmod settings AND cache (Fmod/.cache) AND editor cache (Plugins/FMOD/Cache/Editor/FMODStudioCache) and starting over, and I’ve still got issues.

So at the moment:

  1. FMOD builds to the default location

  2. FMOD settings are in image:

  3. I’m on FMOD 2.02.20, recently upgraded to see if that would help - I’ve upgraded the plugin and FMOD studio and rebuilt banks

The behaviours I’m getting are:

A) When I run the game, or my unit tests, it fails with “[FMOD] RuntimeBankModel::openFile : Failed to open file ‘/Assets/StreamingAssets/’”

B) There IS NO file in that location, and there shouldn’t be - surely it should be reading from the default bank location?

C) If I open the editor cache asset (Plugins/FMOD/Cache/Editor/FMODStudioCache) and look at the path parameter of the banks are correctly pointing at the banks in the default location

D) If I do a local build then the banks are copied into Assets/SourceAssets and then playing in editor and running unit tests work, but I DO NOT want to require my staff to run a build before they can work on the game.

D-1) It should not be necessary, and would also mean that anyone that does an FMOD build (or pulls updated banks from source control) wouldn’t get the updated sounds until they’d done a local build, which isn’t acceptable

D-2) I’m also unsure at this stage how that will interact with the remote builds (I’m doing deployed builds through the Unity Build Automation service)

E) On local build I get the following exception:

I debugged into it, and platform is null because binaryCompatibilitiesBeforeBuild contains a bunch of entries (including one for WindowsStandalone64, which is the one that gets selected), but the Values are all null

F) In at least some previous attempts to get all this working, most of the above didn’t apply, but instead I had issues where the banks would not be copied on build, with exceptions containing the “Desktop/Desktop” thing that I’ve seen in some threads. I have no idea why that was happening, or why it’s not happening right now, although I did notice that in the FMODStudioSettings.asset, the banks (see image) would sometimes all be listed with “Desktop/” at the start of each one

I’ve read through a bunch of threads here looking for a fix for my issue, but nothing seems to quite fit or help. Some of the ones I’ve checked are:

Plus a bunch of others

I’m at my wits end, please help!!


Thank you for all the information.

Could you try reinstalling the integration? Please make sure to create a backup of your project before deleting anything.

Huh. I’m not certain yet but it looks like that might have sorted it! Thank you :slight_smile:

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