Unity is not reading my Fmod banks


Im working in a game with some company for my social service and there are some things that just came out.

The game is in some folder from github and i need to pull and fetch the contect so all the team could work with the same version…

The problem is that when i uploaded my work on FMOD to GitHub and my coworkers downloaded the project into his, a message error from unity show up:

anyone knows how to fix this??

my fella says GitHub does not load the files with the names “Build” in the project some thing about saving spaces… so i think i can solve the problem by changing the directory banks files on FMOD to another folder with another name so i do it and everything ok but in Unity in the FMOD window says that the FMOD project does not have builts but in the new folder i create with another name are my builts.

so to finish this: anyone knows why my Unity project does not recognized the builts in the new folder?? i change the directory from FMOD settings

Sorry for my grammar English is not my native language hope u all understand!


Given that you’ve said that “in Unity in the FMOD window says that the FMOD project does not have builts but in the new folder i create with another name are my builts”, it’s likely that the bank import settings in Unity aren’t configured correctly.

In Unity, in FMOD → Edit Settings → Bank Import, what “Source Type” are you using to import your built banks? Additionally, can I get a screenshot of the “Bank Import” section of the FMOD Settings, as well as a screenshot of the contents of the directory you’re storing your built banks in?

Hi thx for reply this, here are the screenshots u ask for;
quick update: i just select the single plataform build and aparrently it works but any of my events have sound… the event is already selected and it should be working but it doesnt

besides, i just try the old path (rechose the default path for the banks but netiher it works, the sounds doesnt play and everything in Unity is as should be)

now neither the default path and the new path cant reproduce the audios in the events…

here r the secon screenshot from the fmod bank settings:

and last screenshot, from my bank path:

so quick resume, now the defaulth path cant reproduce the audios neither the new path i created…

any ideas?

Thanks for uploading those screenshots. The Build Path directory seems like it lines up with your banks and the Build Path in FMOD Studio.

A few additional questions:

  • Are you receiving any additional errors or warnings from Unity when using the combination of settings in the screenshots you’ve provided?
  • Are you only expecting to have the Master bank and Master strings bank in your Build Path? Does the Master bank contain your events, or should there be more banks present?
  • I can see from your FMOD Unity settings that you’re using the “Asset Bundle” Import Type - does the bank loading code that you’re using require adjustment to work on your own machine? Can you provide me with a code snippet of that code?