Unity LEGO microgame published lost all music


I’m a newcomer to Unity and FMOD, but have managed to create a functional microgame with the LEGO microgame tools from Unity. I created a small music track to serve as soundtrack, and it all works properly within Unity. However, I’ve exported it through WebGL and uploaded it onto Unity’s website (all following the project’s own tutorials), but the music is now gone from the published game online. Not sure what’s happened… Can anyone help?

There are limited functionalities available for the web (HTML5 Javascript) version of FMOD Studio. You need to ensure that your music event does not contain the unsupported features listed here:


Try to keep the event as simple as possible without effects and slowly add the ones you need until you run into the issue.

Thank you! I’ll sort it out with an executable build instead, as there are some features that I need from FMOD that are not available on HTML.

Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea about this!