Unity OBB - APK Audio Sound Error

Hi guys,
The normal unity android build works without problems. After the uploaded apk file to the market, the splash screen sound does not work. How can I solve that? Splash screen assets work on the OBB file extension.
FMOD VERS. 02.02.07
UNITY VERS. 2019.4.39F1


Are other sounds still working in the scene? If so it sounds like the banks aren’t being loaded in before the Splash screen which means the sounds won’t be ready to be played.
You can use this function to make sure everything has loaded correctly:

if(FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.HasBankLoaded("Master Bank"))
	Debug.Log("Master Bank Loaded");
	// This is where you could call the splash screen 

Hope this help!

Banks are loading after splash screen.
I’ve tried load master and masterbank.string by fmod studio bank loader on splash screen. It didn’t work.

Have you tried turning off the splash screen option in the Project Settings? Then you can use the UnityEngine.Renderer to draw the splash screen, Like so:

    IEnumerator Start()
        while (!FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.HaveAllBanksLoaded)
            Debug.Log("Still Loading"); 
            yield return null; 
        Debug.Log("Finished Loading"); 

        Debug.Log("Showing splash screen");
        while (!SplashScreen.isFinished)
            yield return null;
        SceneManager.LoadScene(sceneName, LoadSceneMode.Single);
        Debug.Log("Finished showing splash screen");

What we are doing is waiting till all the banks have been loaded before we start the audio and draw the splash screen. Then when everything has finished we stop the audio and load a new scene.

Hope this helps!

That’s worked and there was no delay at the opening of the game, thank you.

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