Unity v2 Integration v1.07.06: Unity Vita platform build does not compile

If there is a better place to report bugs please let me know:

In RuntimeUtils.GetPluginPath, the same method that did not compile for PS4 (and Vita) in v1.07.05 does not compile for Vita in v1.07.06:

Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeUtils.cs(315,43): error CS0103: The name
`pluginFileName’ does not exist in the current context

pluginFilenNme has no default assignment (or final #else) like for plugininFolder and there is no UNITY_PSP2 symbol used in this method to define the “.suprx” extension.

FMOD for PS Vita doesn’t support dynamic plugins. So it should be setup like iOS. See https://github.com/fmod/UnityIntegration/blob/master/Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeUtils.cs#L283

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Excellent. Thanks.