Unity warning: "copy banks for platform Android"

Hi peeps,

We keep getting this warning that eventually leads to fmod overloading the memory in unity and crashing it.

“FMOD Studio: copy banks for platform Android : copying banks from Assets\FMODProject\Build/Mobile to C:/Repositories/_RWPlatforms/Main/Assets/StreamingAssets succeeded”

It keeps printing this warning over and over (along with a few others) and eventually crashes unity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What version of the FMOD integration are you using? What are the other error messages.

FMOD integration 1.07.05
Unity Version 5.3.4
Android platform, but happens on iOS as well.

The other messages are also succeed messages, they occur whenever I rebuild a bank or pull changes from git.

You can you give more details about the out-of-memory and crash? There have been multiple fixes to the importing bank code since 1.07.05 that are worth trying.

Oh thanks Nick, That’s fixed that problem, But as always, by updating its caused another problem…

Now that I’ve updated, when I refresh the event list in unity, Its telling me that there are no banks in the desktop build folder… which is correct, but I don’t need the desktop versions… is there a reason for this?

There’s been a change in behavior since your previous version. It refreshes the event list using Unity’s current build target. To import your mobile banks, go to the Unity “build settings” menu and use use switch platform.

Solved in comments ^^^