Using both "AND" and "OR" logic for Transition Conditions?

I’ve got a handful of Labeled Conditions I’m using to trigger Transition Regions.

I was wondering if I could check them using both “AND” and “OR” logic at the same time on a single Region. The desired behaviour would be something like “if (STATE1 or STATE2 and STATE3 or STATE4) then transition”.

It seems FMOD only allows you to toggle between either “AND” or “OR” logic at the moment.

If so, is there some sort of workaround to achive this ‘complex’ kind of logic gate?

Your analysis is correct: The transition conditions widget does not currently support more complex combinations of AND and OR operators.

As of the time of writing (October of 2023), no. You could get part of the way by using event instruments whose associated referenced events contain instruments with additional conditional logic as a way of nesting “AND” and “OR” conditions within each other, but it would be an imperfect solution, and could be confusing to read and maintain.

Thanks so much for confirming and for the suggested workaround!

Would love to see this supported in the future but for now it seems easiest to let Unity handle the complex logic gates.

Cheers again :slight_smile:

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