What does the _vc mean in fmodstudio_vc.lib?

I’m trying to create bindings to the rust language but it won’t link without a lib file named fmodstudio.lib file. There is also an fmod_vc for core.

I’m not familiar with how Rust binds to native code, however if it works like C# does, you will only need the DLL files. The files included with the Windows package are detailed in the Windows specific section of our documentation. Essentially the _vc files are import libraries for Visual Studio so it knows the functions exported by our DLLs and can set up the dependencies. Similarly the .a files are import libraries too, these are for use with MinGW.

essentially all i had to do was to rename: fmodL_vc.lib to fmodL.lib because rust will try to link with a dll and lib with the same name.

To be noted that I wrote bindings for FMOD a few years ago there: GitHub - GuillaumeGomez/rust-fmod: A rust binding for the FMOD library. Might be a few versions late though…