Why does the scatter even spatialise when no spatialisation insert is present?

I’ve tried both. Yeah, that’s what I figured too.

I want the scattered sounds to be placed in the 3D world, so that I would hear which way they’re coming from if I turn around. By vague I just mean that I’d only be able to pinpoint their location to a general direction like 120degress and not within 10degress. That’s what the “minExtent” knob seems to do, right? And, with the min distance, I was after having no sounds spawned so close that I would pass through them when I turn around.

I don’t have an advanced setup, and I can start over: I’ll just tell you the scenario, and you’ll probably know the best way to do it: I’m trying to scatter bird sounds in the distance around the player. (Close sounds are made separately by actual bird objects.) If scattered sounds spawned close too, they might spawn in empty air, with no bird mesh in sight…

I probably spawn it the wrong way too. If I have a emitter stuck to my player, the spatialization is lost, and if I play the event as 2D, it works - but if I walk away from the location the sounds don’t spawn around my new location…

Your understanding is correct: The extent of a spatialized signal determines how broadly the signal is spread over multiple speakers when it is a distance away from the listener, and min extent determines the lowest possible value that extent can have.

Hmm… Besides extent, how are you spatializing the signal of each individual spawn? The primary means by which spatialization is achieved are:

  • Attenuating the sound based on the emitter’s distance from the listener, such that more distant sounds are quieter and thus sound like they’re coming from further away.
  • Panning the sound based on its position relative to the listener, such that sounds seem like they’re coming from the direction from the listener to the emitter.

Can I assume you have taken steps to ensure that these changes are applied to the sounds spawned by your scatterer instrument - perhaps by adding spatializer effects to the events referenced by the event instruments in your scatterer instrument’s playlist?