Windows files on mac

I write to the forums looking for a solution to a problem. It happens that I work in windows 10 with a colleague who does it on Mac, the problem happens when she tries to open one of my FMOD projects on her Mac system, because the project appears empty. Is there a way to solve it and that I can correctly use the projects that I send you? Thank you.

I’m afraid we need more information to diagnose this problem.

How are you giving your colleague the project? Are you using a source control integration? An external source control solution? Are you copying the file onto a physical drive or other storage media and handing it to them? Are you storing the project on a shared network drive?

That’s right, I shared the project in the google drive storage using a .rar file, but it tells me that when you open the project it is empty

That’s very strange - there shouldn’t be any difference in format between an FMOD Studio project made in Windows and an FMOD Studio project made on macOS.

Is your colleague opening the FMOD Studio project from inside the .rar file, or extracting the archive first and opening the extracted project? Opening the FMOD Studio project inside the .rar file won’t work.

If your colleague is extracting the .rar file before opening the project, can you try extracting it file at your end, and verify whether the extracted project has content when opened in Windows? It’s possible that something about the compression process is causing the problem.

ok i Will ask how are opening the file, i will change the compression method and then i Will tell you what happened. Thank you!