Workflow: Game Dev - Sound Designer ?

Hey folks,

I was wondering what the workflow looks like between game developers and a sound designer.

Let’s say a small independent game company hires a freelancing sound designer to do the design and implementation. They send him the Unity project and he gets to work. While he is creating all the necessary sound effects and implementing them into Unity, the game devs send him an updated version of the game. What to do in this case? Can you merge two projects, so that all the audio scripting doesn’t get lost?

When all the work is done, how does he get it back to the game devs? Of course they will need all the sound banks generated by FMOD, but also the implementation settings within the scripts. So is he sending back the whole Unity project along with the sound banks?

To prevent having different project versions as the game devs keep upgrading the code, should they all work with a cloud based project so that everyone has always the latest version of the game?

How do such collaborations work in general?

It sounds like you are talking about version control, there are many free services out there for teams working on projects together. Github, Perforce, Bitbucket and Unity Collab are just a couple that come to mind.

You may want to have the Studio project and the Unity Project stored separately, as usually not everyone will need access to the Studio project all the time.

There are some files that need to be ignored for version control to work properly: