Working in Unity using Video Player component- FMOD menu disappeared.

I built a screen that plays video in a game environment using Video Player now in Unity Personal.
I was hoping to attach an emitter that would sync with the video. Not uncomplicated. Somewhere along the line, the FMOD menu disappeared and everything crashes. W.T.F.

Other projects, FMOD menu appears. This project, nope.


Sounds like a file may be corrupted. First thing to try would be deleting the binaries and re-importing the plugin package.

If on Windows:

  • delete the Assets/Plugins/x86 & x86_64 folders

If on Mac:

  • delete the Assets/Plugins/fmod & fmodL & fmodstudio & fmodstudioL bundles

Make sure to exit the editor first, otherwise Unity won’t let you delete them as it will be using them.


I did as you suggest, but as before The FMOD plugins work in other projects but not this one, so they are not corrupt, but something is. The FMOD menu did not re-appear and the integration package worked normally. The project in question was open as I reinstalled.

Is there a way i can import my work from this project into a clean one?

I surmise that my problems have to do with my efforts to get the VideoPlayer to work as I needed it to. I didn’t do much coding but what I was trying to do is turn off the video audio, and attach an FMOD emitter to the virtal screen which played a wave file of the audio. Suddenly everything in Monodevelop turned red in the key script (BallUseControl).


Thank you Cameron,

Copying all assets to a new folder fixed all of the corruption problems.

I still have not solved the audio-video sync puzzle.

I play a video on a renderer object “on Awake”. I have attached an FMOD Emitter to that object, and it plays the audio that is extracted from that video “on Awake”. I need the FMOD parameter control (occlusion zones, distance mix, etc.) for the audio. I get better, but not perfectly consistent sync if I use Unity Audio. Using FMOD, occasionally, playing back in the editor, it is only a frame off, most other times its seconds. Given the arbitrary nature of this, I assume it is related to how instantiation is prioritized (random, obviously), or bandwidth in general, or that Play() video and Play() audio happen at different times in the execution order. How do I hit GO simultaneously and would this help?

You will need to keep them in sync manually because the audio and the video will be running on different clocks.

There are some callbacks you can use to help determine when the event starts playing and you can also get the current timeline position of the playing event.