XBox Series X and PlayStation 5 Platform Support

Hi, we are developing a game in UE4 targeted at a multi-platform release (PC, XBox and PlayStation). In FMOD Studio version 2.01.8, XBox One and PlayStation 4 can be selected as target platforms but as of yet there is no option for Series X and PS5. Is it safe to continue development for now in FMOD and assume that the two platforms will be supported by the time we want to release/test (2022)?

Many thanks,

Yes, it is safe. In fact, you could release games for those platforms right now, using the “Xbox One,” “PlayStation 4,” and “Custom” platforms already present in FMOD Studio.

As far as FMOD’s inner workings are concerned, the only difference between one platform and another is the compression and encoding formats that they support. The list of formats supported by PlayStation 4 in FMOD Studio is identical to that supported by PlayStation 5, so those platforms are identical in FMOD Studio. The list of formats supported by Xbox One is almost identical to the list supported by Xbox Series X|S; the only difference is the addition of the Opus format, for which you must instead use the “Custom” platform.

We do plan to add these next generation platforms to the supported platform list in an upcoming version of FMOD Studio, but you can already design and build content for those platforms.