Multiple platform support for Resonance?

I’m looking for the best spatialisation solution for my current project. We’re making a game in Unity and mean to port it to multiple platforms, so I need a solution that will work on PC/XboxWhatever/PS5. I am given to understand that FMOD has forked Resonance since Google stopped supporting it, so Google’s documentation is not representative of the current reality.

The only reference I’ve been able to find as to whether Resonance in FMOD supports multiple platforms is this forum post from a couple of years ago.

Would someone please be able to confirm for me which target platforms are currently supported, before I go ahead with integrating it into my project? Ideally including this somewhere in the documentation would be great too (or if it’s already there, making it easier to find).

According to our internal records, the Resonance plug-in effects currently support PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, and Game core.

We already have plans to add a reference chapter to our documentation that lists and describes every effect in FMOD Studio, but it’s currently still a work in progress. When it’s ready, we’ll add it to the FMOD Studio User Manual.

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