(1) Naming conventions, (2) Live Update with iOS, and (3) simplest iteration?

Hi! I have a few conjoined FMOD Studio-Unity integration questions. I’d appreciate any help!

(1) Is there any special event naming convention I need to keep in mind? Like should I name events like “sfx_laser_zap_01” with underscores, or does Unity have no problem if I build a bank with spaces more like “SFX Laser Zap 01”?

(2) How is Live Update handled with iOS? I’m not clear on how that works, if I have a game build running on my phone and FMOD Studio on my Mac.

(3) What is the SIMPLEST way to iterate on FMOD content with my engineers? If I needed to send them updated sounds. Say, even without formal source control yet. Can I do something like choose “Single Platform Build” (iOS) and send them the single bank file?


I will hope to answer the questions in the order you asked them :slightly_smiling_face:

(1) There are no required naming conventions when making your events in FMOD Studio. Follow whatever conventions work best between yourself and your audio engineers.

(2) Live Update is able to connect to an IOS device, the set up is explained here: Connecting Using Live Update. In the Platform Specific section of the FMOD for Unity settings make sure Live Update is Enabled.


(3) Yes you can send single updated banks with updated sounds although this may have unexpected behavior, steps to setup Version Control can be found here: Using Source Control.

Let me know if that helps!

@Connor_FMOD Thank you very much for clarifying!

(1) That’s good to know. Earlier it wasn’t clear whether underscores (_) I’ve seen in other projects were due to dependencies in other file systems or FMOD<->Unity.

(2) There’s an underlying assumption here that both the desktop computer (with FMOD Studio) and the iPhone are on the same wi-fi network too, right? Since this Live Update is done wirelessly and not through a Lightning cable, yes?

(3) Any specifics about “unexpected behavior” to be aware of? Aside from having more collaborators involved would require communication to have the right bank, source control or not.