FMOD changes not taking effect in Unity

Changes I’m making to events in FMOD are not taking effect when testing in Unity. This is happening whether I’ve connected using Project or Single Platform mode. For example, I’ve tried reducing the volume of one audio track to 0, only to here it clearly when triggering the event in Unity.

When using live update mode, I see meter activity in FMOD matching what’s happening on screen, and I can mute/un-mute tracks successfully, but none of my other changes take effect. There are also strangely some events that show meter movement looking directly at the event, but not when viewing a group bus it belongs to.

Anyone have any ideas what’s happening, or other trouble-shooting suggestions? This is on a Mac Pro 10.12 and FMOD 9 (though I think I saw the same happen with FMOD 10 as well.)

I’ve tried deleting all the cache related FMOD files from the Unity project, but that hasn’t helped.

Double check that the build directory, in Preferences, is in the expected location.
You could also try deleting the temp folders from the Studio project, all but Assets, Metadata and Plugins.

Also check the console in Studio when connecting to the game, it may provide some more information.

Thanks. The build location looked okay and deleting those files didn’t help, but it eventually worked when I deleted the bank files and rebuilt. Not sure what actually caused the problem, though. That wasn’t the first time I tried rebuilding.