2D events through Resonance Audio Listener causes loss in stereo width

Hey good folks of the internet, I’m having a bit of a quality issue when playing 2D events (such as music) through the resonance audio listener in FMOD. This way there seems to be a loss of stereo width which I find to be hurting the feel of the music.

When I bypass the resonance audio listener (by only putting resonance listeners on the ambience & SFX buses and not the music bus), the sounds tend to start crackling in-game.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

The Resonance Audio Source effect has a Spread property which, according to the Resonance Audio Documentation, controls the approximate width of the source. It may help in your situation.

The Resonance Audio effects are third-party plugins not developed or maintained by Firelight Technologies. If you have any further issues with these plugins, I recommend reporting them to the Resonance Audio developers via the Resonance Audio GitHub repository.

Hey Joseph, thanks for the quick response

Your solution didn’t quite work as it heavily altered the sound of the music, so I left the audio source off.

However I did find the solution:
Once you put the listener on the master bus it alters the stereo width. So what I did was simply only put listeners on the separate group buses.

No idea why this is case, but it solved my problem!