Accessing individual channels?

Hello, I’m relatively new to FMOD and have been trying to learn FMOD Studio, the latest and greatest. I’ve recently seen the following youtube video explaining how to use FMOD Designer to automate the volume levels for multiple channels in a single multi-channel wave file:

^in case the above embedded file doesn’t work,

I’m trying to accomplish this same thing using FMOD Studio but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to even access automation parameters for individual channels in a wave file. Any help? Is this not possible in FMOD Studio right now because there’s no “channel mix” effect to be had? What’s going on here? :-?

I just want to clarify that we’d be interested in knowing your workflow reasons for preferring multichannel files and not streaming or playback concerns. We still plan to stream simultaneous files on separate tracks as a single file stream in the game :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

Playback on the timeline is sample-accurate so you can spill out your stereo parts over several tracks and use volume automation on each track. There is no “Channel Mix” effect in Studio. We will be adding more advanced channel-routing options and effects later but automating volumes on each track will still be the recommended way for this scenario.

Please let us know if you have reasons for preferring multi-channel files over individual stereo files.