Playing sounds in specific channels using Studio API


I’ve been using the low level api for a while mainly to play sounds in specific channels, for example, some sounds are played in the center channel (only) others in the subwoofer and left for example.

One of my sounds is more complex and I started using the fmod studio api, I was able successful load the bank and pass events and change the sound in real time.

Now the challenge, how can I play the sound from the bank, in a specific channels, let’s suppose I want to play only in the center and sub woofer channels and also control the volume in those channels.

Hello Marcelo,

You can add the FMOD Channel Mix effect to the event you wish to manipulate and use that to alter each channel’s volume.

You can also add automation to each channel’s volume slider if you need to alter these in real time.


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Thank you, great idea it works!