ALT TAB - Audio unsync

Hi, im having a problem with Alt Tab. If the player Alt Tab during the game, when it comes back, the music is unsynced. Its like 2 or 3 audio tracks are off beat.
Im using the FMOD 2.01.07 version.
I’ve already tested it only in FMOD Studio and that doesnt happen.


What is the current behavior when the player Alt Tabs? Is the audio pausing? If so, how are you doing that?

When Alt tab, audio stops.
Programmer said: nothing really special, only “run in backgorund disabled”

I used the same logical approach in 2 games from the same series and only this one is having issue. We did the comparission between both games, both logics and dont know what it is.

What platforms are you building the game on?

Unity, only desktop

Are the events that are getting out of sync using streamed audio sources? Turning off streaming can help sync issues explained here: FMOD API | Trouble Shooting.

Hope this helps!