Audio abruptly clicks/cuts in and out, when the camera perspective changes suddenly

In a 3D game, the player is running around from one area to another, but the camera is sitting still in each area, then when the player moves to the next area, the camera suddenly changes to that area. (Like in resident evil). When this happens, the audio clicks abruptly when the camera position changes.

How do I stop this happening?

Since you’re suddenly changing the listener’s location, that seems inevitable. But do you really want the listener to stick to the camera? If not, then put the listener on the player location (without taking its rotation into account) ; if yes, then you should program the listener location yourself to ‘lerp’ from one camera position to another smoothly.

Hey Alci,

Yeah the listener needs to stick on the camera for this particular scene.

Thanks for letting me know how “lerp”

I’ll talk to the programmer about this