Audio listenner and transition Snapshot

Hi there,

I’ve got two differents questions :

1- fist of all, in our game we are create, i’m looking to control our audiolistenner. In unity, my programmer told me that he has no controls on it. Or currently, i would like to change few things. Our camera is like diablo (3/4 top view). We place the audiolistenner above the character. But currently, we hear the mobs strictly at the right or left. It doesn’t work. I would like to change the spread of the sound. For example, if mobs are at 5 meters on the right beside the character, i would like to hear them just slightly on the right (not competly on the right). How can i adjust the listenner please (spread) ?

2- I would like to control the duration of the transition between two snapshots. How can i do ? Also how can i control the behaviors of a transition when you pass from a snapshot to another one ?

Thanks for your help.

Your programmer can control over the position of the listener. Instructions on how to attach the listener to the camera can be found here, and they could also use SetListenerLocation to set the position of the listener to arbitrary positions.

How an event is spread over different speakers usually depends on the settings of the event’s spatializer effect. Have you tried adjusting its minimum extent property and other properties?

Snapshots function like events, in that you create and play instances of them, so one way to define behavior for transitioning between snapshots is to define starting and stopping behavior for those snapshots - and the easiest way to do that is to put an AHDSR modulator on the snapshot’s intensity property.

That being said, if you’re triggering your snapshots via snapshot instruments in events, be aware that if an event instance stops, any snapshot instances triggered by that event instance will stop immediately, without respecting the AHDSR release period. To prevent this, untrigger your snapshot instruments some time before stopping the event, or trigger your snapshots as events rather than through snapshot instruments.

If you are triggering snapshots by using snapshot instruments, another way to control the transition between snapshots is to crossfade the snapshot instruments as you would any other instrument. Crossfading snapshot instruments crossfades the those snapshots’ intensity properties.