C# wrapper on Linux machines


I’m working on a C# project to build for Windows and Linux. It builds and runs fine on Windows using the included fmod.cs files and plays music in the program successfully. When I run the built program on a Linux machine, it fails on creating the Studio system(FMOD_Studio_System_Create()) with this error:
System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load shared library ‘fmodstudio’ or one of its dependencies.

I’ve copied the .so files from core and studio to the systems /usr/local/lib and /usr/lib and still seeing that. Does the C# wrapper only work for Windows machines? I noticed that there was no .cs files in the linux api download.

Apologies for the delay, what version of FMOD are you using?

Hey Cameron. No worries, thanks for responding. I had switched over to WIndows for development for the time. I’d like to go back to using my Linux box though. I was using the 2.01.09 on Ubuntu 18.04. I guess at this point the real question for me is just if the c# wrapper (the provided .cs files in the windows install) should work on linux machines or not =].

If so, I can probably spend some time troubleshooting my setup, I just didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole if it is not supported.

The C# wrapper included in the windows installer should work fine outside of windows, there was a time in the past that it wouldn’t and this is why it is not included in the other installers. I have created a task to add the wrapper to the other installers in a future release.