Where Can I Find the C# Wrapper?

I’ve seen mentions of a C# wrapper for FMOD, but I can’t find it anywhere! The best reference to it I can find is this other question but they say it’ll be out with the “FMOD Studio API … upcoming 1.3 release” and as far as I can see the latest version of studio is Version 1.05.09.

I’ve installed the latest FMOD studio and studio API (windows) and had a pretty thorough search through both without managing to find anything that seems to be relevant :frowning:

Where can I find the C# API for FMOD? or if it no longer exists, what is the best way to use FMOD from a game written in C#?

It’s installed under api/lowlevel/inc and api/studio/inc

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Doh! I didn’t see it mixed in with all the c++ header files ><