Does Fmod Studio api for UWP have a c# wrapper?

I am attempting to get Fmod to work with Monogame in UWP, which uses C#, but in its api/studio/inc directory, I don’t see a C# wrapper like exists for the Windows version (fmod_studio.cs). Has anyone used this wrapper with the UWP version before, or are there differences that prevent it from working? I’m trying to find out if I’m barking up the wrong tree before I dive into this - is this no longer the recommended way?

I’m new to Fmod and I haven’t worked with C++ in several years, (and almost all of the C# examples I find have to do with Unity) so I was using ChaiFoxes.FMODAudio to test things out. ChaiFoxes.FMODAudio is a high level wrapper around the existing C# wrapper, but it isn’t designed for UWP. Attempting to use the ChaiFoxes.FMODAudio windows wrapper partially works, in that I can call initialize, but loading the audio causes a hard crash in unmanaged code.

So, does anyone know of any UWP C# related documents or tutorials, or has someone gotten this to work themselves? I have lots of C# experience, but I’m fairly lost after that, so if someone is able to point me in the right direction, that would be great. Right now I’m just slowly stepping through this, attempting to figure out why it’s dying.


I can’t speak for the ChaiFoxes wrapper, but the FMOD C# wrapper should work fine on UWP, we use it with Unity on UWP. It looks like an oversight that it was not included in the UWP package, feel free to grab it from the Windows package instead.

Thanks, great to know it should work with UWP too. That narrows down possible issues a lot.