C# Wrapper?

Hi there

I was wondering if there a new C# wrapper for FMOD studio,or should the one from FMOD designer be used ?

I see that the API is in Alpha from the documentation, so it could be that the C# support is yet to be completed?

Would be great to see a document outlining a migration path from FMOD Ex to FMOD Studio


We are working on a C# wrapper, you can email support@fmod.org to get an early version.


I am trying to get the C# wrapper that is included in the 1.3.working, but there seem to be a lot of missing types. (RESULT, VECTOR, etc). Is there a working C# example available anywhere?


Those missing symbols are in fmod.cs which is in the lowlevel source directory. There aren’t currently any C# examples, but we do plan on making some.

I have tried to find a C# wrapper everywhere in fmod api’s (or any .net fmod.dll) but didn’t find any. Is it still an early version? Where I can get it?

Hi guys.

The new C# wrapper for the FMOD Studio API will be included in the upcoming 1.3 release. We expected 1.3 to be published within the next fortnight.