Using FMOD in C#

Hi there,

I want to experiment a little with FMOD. I need advice how to use FMOD in C#. Whats my best option with that?

FMOD ships with a C# wrapper (imports a native C++ DLL and provided bindings to expose our API to C#). It’s mainly used by our Unity integration which is a good place to start but can be used standalone too.


Is there a tutorial / step by step guide on how to get it up and running. I downloaded FMOD Studio 2.01.07. Now what do I have to do next?

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Getting start with FMOD using C++ can be found in our User Guide. Additionally our API reference contains the C# equivalents of each API. There are also some examples of C# as part of our Unity integration.

We don’t however provide step by step instruction for using FMOD with C# as a native application, for that usage it’s expected you are familiar with linking a native DLL into C# and use our API reference along with C++ examples to guide your way.