Referenced events issue

When I use command instrument for starting some event I get strange issue.
If strarting event has only samples like .wav or .ogg all is fine. Doesn’t matter of single instruments or multi.
However programm instruments don’t work.
If there is a combination of samples and program instruments in event I can hear only samples.
So command instrument starts event correctly but all program ints are silent.
All paths and libraries are correct.
What is wrong?

Hi vortechz,

With this combination, I’d first check how you’ve registered the callbacks for the programmer instrument. You would either need to register the callback with the event description of the event the command starts or you would need to use FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_START_EVENT_COMMAND to register a programmer instrument callback on the new event instance.

Sorry I’m not sure I understand.
I have a project which is working correctly. And programmer instruments inside are working correctly too.
But when I try to copy them into new event and call them by command instrument they do start but make nothing but silence.
Is there any solution only with FMOD without changing the game code?

The problem you are encountering sounds like an issue on the programming side, so there isn’t anything you can do from FMOD Studio to solve it.

If the callbacks are registered on the event description, then it should work in both cases. If the programmer instrument callback is registered on the event instance, a new callback will need to be registered to the event spawned via the command instrument by listening for FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_START_EVENT_COMMAND