Dante is not detecting multiple channels from FMOD + Unity

Good afternoon!

I was wondering if I could get some assistance with getting my audio setup routing correctly. This is a 4-player game with audio being routed to 8 different channels, two channels per player. I have FMOD Studio set up with events for each player, and each player group has its channels set in the mixer (that is, Player 1 has Channels 1 and 2 active and 3-8 muted, etc). The bank is saved with the 7:1 setting. In Unity, I have each player’s events playing through their own emitters, and the Unity project is set to 7:1 as well. However, Dante is only picking up two output channels, and routing all audio through these two.

Am I missing something? I figured between FMOD and Unity, Dante should be able to see all 8 channels and we should be able to route them accordingly, to test each player’s audio output. Any help is very much appreciated!!

Quick bump. I am still looking for some assistance with this!

I’m guessing the output is being downmixed to stereo for some reason. Have you tried setting a custom mix matrix using ChannelControl::setMixMatrix?