Event Not Found Error

I have a Unity project into which I have imported the FMOD Unity package. (I assume I have done this correctly — I just choose Assets > Import Package > Custom Package… and then select the FMOD .unitypackage file, right?) Then I imported some banks containing a handful of sound effect FMODAssets, again, seemingly successfully. When I choose one of them from the FMODAssets folder in my project, the inspector has a big, friendly “Play” button, and clicking it plays the sound effect as expected.

Then I created a game object and attached an FMOD_StudioEventEmitter component to it. Under that component in the inspector, for the “Asset” field, I clicked on the little circle that brings up the “Select FMODAsset” window. I chose one of the sound effects by double-clicking it. The inspector updated itself to show that asset’s path and GUID.

But when I run the game, I get an error telling me that the event couldn’t be found:

FMOD Error (ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND): The requested event, bus or vca could
not be found. UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning(Object)
FMOD.Studio.UnityUtil:LogWarning(String) (at
FMOD.Studio.UnityUtil:ERRCHECK(RESULT) (at
FMOD_StudioSystem:GetEvent(String) (at
FMOD_StudioEventEmitter:CacheEventInstance() (at
FMOD_StudioEventEmitter:Start() (at

What gives? Do I maybe have bad banks?


Hi Douglas,

You need to add the FMOD_Listener script to your camera in the scene, the listener takes care of loading the banks.


Oh my God, I was pulling my hair out for so long over this. I had actually done that, but for some bonehead reason, I had disabled that component on the camera.

Thanks for your response!

Thank you!!