Event not found

I started a new Unity project 2022.3.16f1. Downloaded the verified FMOD Studio and FMOD engine 2.02.19.
Saved Studio project next to Assets folder. Configured Unity FMOD to use as source type FMOD Studio project and set the path to the project file.
Added a UI button on screen, added an FMOD Emitter component. Added an event from the component, named it Test. Test Event shows in FMOD Studio, but in unity it says Event not found even if I build the FMOD project.

What have I done wrong?


Thank you for the reproduction steps!

After hitting the Create Event Button do you see the FMOD Bank Refresher Status window:
This should pop up after rebuilding the banks in Studio, you can also manually refresh banks using the Refresh Banks option from the dropdown menu:

Hope this helps!

Sorry I went ahead and use Multiplatform build as source instead. I am in a bit of a rush and this option works perfectly. Thanks!

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